Straight Run

Dan Bonner/Delores Trese ——————————–


My husband and I really love how the stairs and railing came out! They are beautiful.
They add a dimension to our log home that really completes the feel of the home. We
especially really love the tree trunk post at the base of the stairs. You say you do
“mild to wild” and it is just enough of the touch of the wild that it is really unique.
People coming in to our home have remarked how it defines the whole room. We also
love the way you were able to combine using the log spindles on the stair railing and
the metal spindles on the loft railing. You were so very willing to work with our ideas
and suggested great ones of your own. In addition, the craftsmanship and finishing
were top notch. It was great working with you and Country Neighbors.

Dolores Trese and Dan Bonner


Dan & Delores took a big jump of faith with us: he had bought these “close
out” black fluted metal tube-type spindles at Menards, and to top it off,
they were too short. We needed at least 28″ long to meet code; they were
26″. We came up with an idea to make the top and bottom rails extra large
and, to make it look like “we meant to do that”, we flattened the top rail on
our bandsaw. This made it great for entertaining! It all turned out
“Show-Room” quality.
Rick & Judie Clifford “Clifford Construction”——————-


Here are some photos of your
installed stairs and the rest of
the house. We closed last month and the new family loves
the stairs. We are looking at
more land and maybe two more
houses next year. We loved
your stairs and the service. We
will surely call you again when
we get to that stage. Feel free
to use any of these photos on
you web site or advertising.


Rick & Judie are builders. They came all the way from TN to
pick up this 1000# beauty in a pickup truck. Worked out great!