Customer Feedback

Marlene Dau —————————————


“Patrick! What a beautiful place to relax, read, eat and enjoy nature without the bugs in your food. A great ‘addition’ to my home. It feels and is used like another room for family gatherings and a place to relax and enjoy the flowers and the pond.

Everyone who sees it remarks how beautiful and well built it is. I just love it.

By the way, I had a pond put in with a waterfall, the whole back yard is just beautiful.

Thank you so much for enriching my life, I will enjoy and I hope other will enjoy it for
years to come.

Marlene Dau”

Marlene gave us a big challenge: a gazebo!
Janet’s place was a big job. She wanted just about everything we
are known for: Railing with lots of character, a half log mantel, a
half-log stairway, and kitchen and bathroom counter tops (made
from one piece of wood!). These were covered with a two-part
epoxy resin that should last a lifetime. The stairs and railing are
what we call “Sap-Stained and buggy”. A few bugs did, in fact
hatch and hit the screens, but they were of no consequence. Janet
just whacked them with a broom and that was that. The most
persistent pests are powder post beetles which don’t like pine.
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