Dan & Anna Anderson ————————————

“Hello Patrick, Joan, Sean, Jason, Ben, Victory,
Valory, Jeremiah, Gabriel, Matthew, Verily. Did I
leave anyone out. Oh yes, Grandma. I just want to
thank everyone for a wonderful time, and Valory
watch the mail!. The response we are getting on
the stairway is unbelievable, the city council
woman wants channel 12 and The Flint Journal to
do a film and story on your family about the
stairway, I suggested to wait until the kitchen
and sunroom is done and she thought so to. Gene
[the builder] gave the stairs and railing a 50 on a
1 to 10 scale, and for him that’s huge. Sunday,s
sermon was on being Grateful and Thankful, and
we Verily are. Because of the stairway we now
have a complete vision for the rest of the house,
Anna does want you to do the countertops,we also
thought a smaller scale railing for the large
opening to the sunroom,it would be two 8ft
railings with a 6ft opening in the middle. When it
gets all done we are going to have two dinners in
the house, one for all our p artners and one for
the major funders in Flint. We’ll I don’t want to
give everything away, there has to be some
surprises. I hope to be seeing you and your family
soon. Dan & Anna”



Dan & Anna are a really remarkable couple; they run “Noah’s Ark”
in Flint MI. They both are bus drivers and spend there free time
helping troubled youth in an area that Dan calls “Ground Zero”!
We are so honored to be a part of a really special ministry.
Tom Shinaberry & Cat Wevodau —————————–
“Pat and Joan,
I feel as if I got to better
know you through your sons.
What wonderful young men.
How proud you must be. My
parents and I were in awe of
Ben and his abilities at such a
young age [18]. I was truly
filled with joy at the
completed project and I must
say that it far surpasses
anything that I have ever
seen before.
I will keep in touch with your
family and hope to someday
meet you folks. Best wishes
always, Cat.”
“Glad to here your boys made it back safe! Uneventful trips are always the best. Cat
won’t stop talking about the stairs, by the way. Thank you! Tom”
Tom & Cat (cute eh) took the plunge and pretty much let us design
everything (from 700 miles away)! The challenge was to come up with a
look that matched a 20-year-old cabin; a cabin that was a little too
rustic for Cat. The spiral and railing were a great upgrade.