Pine Log Rustic Rocker and Footstool

rocker1There is an “Ahhh!” sound that comes with sitting in a well-made rocking chair like this. You can tell the difference with a chair that is well made AND WELL DESIGNED! This is the old-fashioned double-spring type rocker that is very common in over-stuffed chairs back when, in the chair that Grandpa always sat in. You will not be disappointing – or your money back.


Blond: Clear of natural staining.

Buckskin:  Some of the cambium is left on to give a spotted tanned look.

Sap Stained: Natural staining makes amazing colors – sometimes blue, orange and red.  The first photo is a sap stained spiral staircase.


Saw Peeled: The Traditional “draw-knifed” look.

Smooth Peeled: This method uses water at extremely high pressure to remove the bark, which reveals a naturally smooth surface. The photos are smooth-peel.


rocker2We can send you photos of what material we have on hand, or, you may send us your own material – figure on 2 yards. We will be glad to use what you send us!


We ship fully insured anywhere in the world. We can ship this item anywhere in the continental US for $150.  Call or email us with the destination zip code for a freight quote if you are outside the continental US.

Each chair is different, so contact us with your color and design ideas for a free estimate:  231-233-7473 ask for Patrick

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